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 Brows and Lashes

Have perfectly shaped eyebrows and stunning lashes thanks to Freeda beauty salon in Barkingside. Our threading treatments are great for removing all types of unwanted facial hair. This ancient hair removal technique uses thin threads of cotton (or polyester) to grip the hair follicles and pull them out with accuracy and minimal pain. Freeda beauty salon also offers tinting, for both lashes and brows, which is great for accentuating the natural shape, and adding definition, and making you feel and look amazing!





Eyebrows                                                £5

Upper lip                                                 £5

Eyebrows & Upper lip                           £9

Side Face                                                 £6

Neck                                                         £4

Chin                                                          £4



Forehead                                                 £4

Full face                                                  £18



Eyebrows                                                £10

Eyelashes                                                £10

Patch Test Required for Tinting treatments



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